Uncle Chop Chop & The Biz

This really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but it gives me a chance to talk about an incident at one of my favourite local pubs a few months back.

I was drinking pints with El Niño and The Biz (both of whom will be contributing in various ways to The World Needs Rappers – in fact El Niño put me on to the article) amongst other characters, when in walks Mr. Read. Now, it’s well known in these parts (inner east Melbourne, Australia, if you don’t mind) that Chopper is a regular at this pub (which will remain nameless). He saunters in, largely ignoring everyone in the establishment – except The Biz.

Chopper gave The Biz a long, menacing, disdainful look before deciding that he wouldn’t bring The Eighties back, hack The Biz’s head off with a pen knife and set it down on the bar next to his beer.

We haven’t seen him in there since.


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