The Biz is slacking, Robinho’s nuts

So it looks like I’ll be doing the EPL wrap this week (which means the mighty Gunners will get a look in again), The Biz is in training for The Stool Gift, which you’ll learn more about in the coming weeks.

It’s starting to look like you’ll be hearing more about Arsenal than I had planned, seeing as I’m doing the first couple of EPL wraps myself, but we’ll see if The Biz gets on his grind at some point. I’ll post the wrap later, this is just a quick WTF post about Brazilian wonder kid Robinho signing for MANCHESTER FUCKING CITY!

After all the hype about him going to Chelsea, Man City snuck in literally minutes before the transfer window closed. Given the comments of Real Madrid’s head honcho, it seems that this deal was more about pissing off Chelsea than doing right by the player.

Whatever, it’s all pretty funny. This supremely gifted little Samba king commanded 32.5 million POUND STERLING. Now watch him bust as he struggles to integrate his insanely exquisite finesse game into the million-miles-an-hour rough and tumble of the Premier League.

Try busting out your Joga Bonito on a cold, rainy January day at Ewood Park when Aussie Vincenzo Grella is having at your shins and all you really want to do is party with those twins from Maracaibo that you picked up at Mardi Gras.


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