America: Still Racist?

Click on the chart to see some stats that you probably already knew in your heart of hearts. A lot of white Americans are still racist.

Really? Is this really a surprise? The real question is, are these closet racists who probably consider themselves anything but going to vote with the part of their brain that determines views on race relations, or are they going to shame themselves into using some other set of criteria?

How shit are we as a species that a man’s skin is shaping up to be one of the defining factors in determining whether or not he takes up the role of Most Powerful Person In The World?

For the record, I want to see Obama win, but as I’ve said previously he’s just a politician and he’ll only let us down. Probably not as badly as John ‘Homo habilis’ McCain, and his new sexually-attractive-in-a-way-that-makes-you-mad-at-yourself running mate (someone had to come out and say it… seriously, I haven’t been so attracted to a woman I hate so much since Naomi Campbell).

Maybe I’m in with a chance. I hear the Palin gals put out.


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