Evil Geniuses

We all know at least one. There was this guy that The Biz lived with once, a Chef who The Biz had kind of grown up with and knew quite well, who was a personable, friendly cat that we all liked. Sure, he had his quirks. In the morning when he got up and opened his bedroom door the whole house would face a wave of indescribable human body odour that could only be described as Morning Funk. But he was cool.

He started to get a bit antsy when people used his kitchen utensils. So one day The Biz went to the hallway closet to grab his coat before going out and when he opened the closet door a kitchen knife came hurtling out toward him, curling back inside the closet after narrowly missing his nose. Upon closer inspection it seemed that The Chef had rigged the closet (or booby-trapped, if you will), calculating where someone would be standing when they opened the closet and working out how far out the knife (which was attached to a series of socks knotted together, or some shit) would be able to swing without causing injury.

Along similar lines, check this out.


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