I Can’t Believe No One’s Thought of This Yet…..

I was watching the Presidential candidate debate today (well not really, I was actually watching a real-time stream of arm chair political commentators and would-be comics reel off the snappy one-liners about it on Twitter), and it dawned on me that no one has drawn the obvious parallel between Senators McCain and Obama (portrayed above as AmeriKKKa would like to see her politicians) and another John McCain with an African American whom he does not necessarily like but has to spend face time with. I speak, of course, of…..

Yippy Kai-Yay motherfucker! Remember that scene from Die Hard With a Vengeance where John McCain (Bruce Willis) is compelled to walk around Harlem with a placard on his chest that says, “I Hate N***ers?” All I’m saying is, I’m pretty sure Senator McCain referred to Senator Obama as ‘that one,’ during the debate today.

Racist, or just garden variety asshole? You decide.


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