Fat Kids Can’t Hunt

Believe it or not, that was the title of a proposed reality TV show in Britain a while back. The pitch? A bunch of, umm, fat kids would be sent to a deserted island and those who were too fat or lazy to catch their own food would be sent home. Dunno what the winner was gonna get, but it never got made. Unfortunately.

Anyway, the Nanny State is gonna ban sweeties in schools.

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said yesterday: “With alarming statistics showing almost one-quarter of children aged two to 16 years are overweight or obese, it is vital that we work together to reinforce the healthy living message.”

When I was in school, only the rich over-fed kids had the cash to buy candy and risk obesity, but we had a great nutritional index to balance everything out – bullies. The bullies would shake down the rich nancies about half the time, so this maintained the natural order of things and stopped Little Lord Fauntleroy from turning into a fat bastard. The only problem was, not infrequently the bullies themselves were kinda fat. Still, maybe instead of less sugar we need more Nelson Muntz. I’ll mention it to Mrs. Bronwyn Pike next time I see her…..


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