This Guy Is Certifiably Insane

But the world would be a better place if there were more people like him. He’s written extensively, and explicitly, on the subject of The Camorra (the historic organised crime organisation based in Napoli), and he knows that in so doing he has signed his own death certificate.

Roberto Saviano’s book Gomorrah, a biblical wordplay on the hell the Camorra visits on the Campania region, has been made into a widely acclaimed film.

It might have made business more difficult for the Camorra, but there could also be another reason why the bosses hate it so much they have vowed to kill Saviano “by Christmas”.

Saviano has aimed at debunking the ‘glamour’ myth that shadowy organisations like the Camorra use as PR to recruit new members from the Godfather generation.

He says he is resigned to the fact that the Camorra will ‘take it’s revenge.’

Kind of makes you wonder if you’ve got the gumption, eh?


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