Like What You Like And Be Proud Of It

I was cruising around the net checking out designer T Shirt sites (that I won’t name, because this post isn’t about that), and I found myself feeling a little disappointed that all the T Shirts I seemed to like were the ones that were sold out (“that one looks cool, but it’s sold out, so everyone must have it, so I don’t want it anymore”). Then I read a review of Billy Joel’s recent show here in Melbourne that suggested that it’s “not supposed to be cool to know the words to Billy Joel songs,” and I decided we all need to stop being cool and just like what we like.

As regards the T Shirt bizzo (and fashion items in general), everyone’s got everything already anyway. There’s no individuality left in what you wear. Anyone who is still extrapolating personality from fashion is a fuckhead. The only way to be truly individual (in a fashion sense) would be to walk around completely naked all the time. No one else in the history of mankind has ever had or will ever have a body exactly like yours. But that, for the most part, would just be gross. So don’t do that. There are more important things in life than individuality.

So you see, we’ve all got access to that bourgie little boutique store that makes you feel unique by virtue of the fact that you shop there, and we all have access to that quirky T Shirt you just bid on on eBay.

But why let that stop you from continuing to shop there, or refusing to be outbid?


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