Einstein Just Keeps Getting Smarter

You may be wondering why I’ve posted a pic of Kobe “When I’m in Colorado, it’s mine & I’m taking it” Bryant, when this post is about Einstein’s theory of relativity. I’ll get to that. First, astronomers think they may have found proof of the existence of black holes.

While the black hole itself is invisible to the eye, the team proved its existence by tracking the motions of 28 stars circling around it.

Just as swirling leaves caught in a gust of wind can provide clues about air currents, so the stars’ movements reveal information about forces at work at the galactic centre.

The observations show that the stars orbit a central concentration of mass four million times greater than that of the Sun, claim the team from the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, near Munich, Germany.

Yeah, that’s cool and stuff. Now, onto the more important part. When I was a kid playing basketball, my old man used to drive me all over the state to watch me play and he had some great observations about the differing personality types one could observe in both the kids I played with and their parents. On pretty much every team I ever played with, there was a kid who’s parents had told him he was special a few too many times, and he just wouldn’t pass the ball no matter what.

I remember dad saying to me as we drove home from many of my games, “That kid’s a black hole. You give it to him and you never see it back again.”

Whattup, Kobe?


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