Easy Mo Nuts?

I spent a large portion of today listening to It’s A Big Daddy Thing (Big Daddy Kane‘s excellent second album, and also his most successful), which led me to look into the production lineup, which led me to tweet about wishing I had those producers at my disposal (if you ain’t up on http://www.twitter.com, get with the program). One of the beat makers was Easy Mo Bee. This led to my man Tek putting me onto this.

Mo Bee gets out to L.A. and checks into his hotel room, for like days. When time for his appointment with Iovine, Mo Bee is a no show. Frustrated and really wanting to invest in dude, Iovine calls another producer legend of his, Dr. Dre to see if he could convince Mo to take the meeting and sign over to Interscope. Story goes, Dre AND Iovine drive over to Mo Bee’s hotel, knock on his door, and all they get is an eyeball peeping through the peep hole and all types of whispering coming from the other side of the door. Well, after like 10 minutes of this nonsense, with Dre and Iovine knocking on the hotel door and waiting, Mo Bee eyeballing them and whispering unintelligible ish from inside, Dre was like “fuck this, Jimmy, you ain’t paying me that much dough to be fucking around with crazy n****s like this” and bounced.

The man is responsible for some of the most definitive tracks of the 90s though, so maybe read this to remind yourself of that, before shaking your head and calling him a whack job.


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