A Bunch of Reasons Why TWNR To Get A F*&kin’ Clue

This is from The Kid. Well it’s actually from XXL, but The Kid hyped me to it so in my mind, the authorship is his. I don’t know why they didn’t interview rappers like Chuck D or Immortal Technique, who would actually have something intelligent to say when asked if the recession has affected them.

My favourite (sarcastic):

Tru Life: Oh nah, that shit [recession] ain’t touched me not a bit. It ain’t a game man. I just bought 4 or 5 brand new black cars and only because I felt like the haters thought I was doing bad or something. Now it looks like a funeral when I pull up. They just saw me being humble, I’m a real humble dude. You know I live by my needs, I don’t really live outside of my needs. I’m not the nigga running around with the fancy car living in the projects. Like, I went and bought my house before I bought anything. I’m doing pretty well. Never had an album out in my life. But I’m doing real good by the graces of Allah. It’s all Allah’s will. I respect that, that’s why I give back all the time. I help out all the time. They talk about me doing all the foul shit but never talk about you might catch me in the Bowery, in the homeless shelter washing dishes or something my nig. That’s the kind of dude Tru life is. I just wanted to show niggas I ain’t starving.

My favourite (sincere):

Buckshot: There is no such thing as a recession, the recession is an illusion. And people like Buckshot and Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and all of these other people that deal with corporate business, we all know that it’s an illusion, it’s a scare tactic and it’s meant to do what it’s been doing to people.”
“Stop buying what you have no interest in. That means if you and your whole neighborhood supports and buys Timbs, don’t do that unless you own stock in Timberland. If you buy Louis Vuitton then buy stocks in Louis Vuitton, so when you wearing Louis Vuitton at least you made $15 or $500 or $5000.”


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