I’m Off To See The Lady Boys In Bangkok

I realise I’ve been slacking a little bit since St. Patrick’s Day (still haven’t recovered fully, will be hearing the voice of fat, hairy hobos discussing Fellini and Italian cinema in my dreams for the rest of my life), but this is gonna be my last post for a minute as me and the lady are hitting Thailand, Vietnam and then Hawaii.

So just talk amongst yourselves.

I might pop up every now and then, unpredictably, like an inopportune erection, but I’m not making any promises.

Some important shit coming up; Arsenal v Villareal in final 8 of the Champs league (and their pursuit of 4th spot in the EPL), The Socceroos v Uzbekistan in a World Cup qualifier (if we win, we’re going to South Africa, in my opinion), not to mention Celtic trying to get that 4th. consecutive SPL title, and the ever-present David Lee double-double watch.

The new J Wess single Do Anything For You featuring myself and Jerson Trinidad should be about ready to hit TV and radio when I get back, too.

Anyway, as Muhammad Ali used to say, be cool and watch out for the ladies(boys).


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