Kumar’s In The White House

Someone’s taking the piss, right?

Actor Kal Penn has formally started work at the White House, saying he is happy to take a break from Hollywood to serve in President Barack Obama’s administration.

Penn said he had had “a lot of fun” making the Harold and Kumar movies, in which he plays a marijuana-addled slacker, but that he was taking “a sabbatical from acting”.

I think Obama has screwed up here. He needs folks that are at the top of their game, and although I’ll admit Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle was pretty funny, that last joint about them escaping from Guantanamo Bay was trash (except for the whole “bottomless party” thing).

I do like the flamboyance of having his character commit suicide on House MD though, just so he could ‘take a break from acting’ and help prove that, “Yes we can.” If Bush was still president, that’d be a close enough link to jihadism to get him yoked.


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