The Glitch Mob, and Bukowski vs. Mickey Mouse

I can’t wait to Drink the Sea.  I’m a real Johnny-come-lately with these guys (The Glitch Mob), but now that I’m on board with their addictive West-Coast-funk-electric-eclectic (thanks to Mr. Karl Lurman), I’m gonna head to the studio today with Detect and lay down an interpretation to their new joint ‘Beyond Monday.’  I’m pretty hyped about seeing how the track turns out, coz lyrically it’s also a kind of homage to Charles Bukowski, who you can see in the clip below.

For some reason, Bukowski’s hatred of Mickey Mouse has always resonated strongly with me.  Some people might think it sounds like the insane ramblings of a hedonistic loon, but I feel like it’s a valid point.  The notion that such happy-happy-joy-joy one-dimensional crap is all surface and smile, no meaning or substance (“Not even good,” as his widow states),  akin to Marx’s ‘opiate of the people’ barb against religion – I think I agree with that.

Anyway, that’s basically the inspiration behind the track that I’m gonna record today and hopefully have up on the blog for download within a week.  I’m thinking I’ll call it, “Spukowski.”  Or maybe I’ll just keep the title as Glitch Mob originally intended it.  I probably should do that, it’s the least I could do, no?

But I like, “Spukowski.”  I dunno, we’ll see.


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