The “Three ‘S’ Man,” Doin’ it tough

Kenny Anderson is a New york City legend.  Unfortunately, he’s also one of the best examples of unfulfilled potential and squandered opportunity that the NBA has produced.  But, ultimately, he was able to do things on the basketball court that no one else could do (see clip, where longtime basketball analyst/announcer Dick Vitale almost messes his undies over Kenny’s handles).  And if that’s not a life well-lived, I don’t know what is.

I just wish I could’ve found the extended version of the clip, where Mr. Vitale dubs Kenny A, “The three ‘S’ man – he’s superb, he’s spectacular, he’s *some other superlative that begins with ‘S.’*”  I can’t remember what the third ‘S’ was.  I guess we can say it’s for ‘Studious’ now that he’s gone back to school and graduated.


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