The Most Dangerous Posse in The World

Last week The Kid sent through this LA Weekly piece about the various fates and ‘where-are-they-now’s’ of all these random dudes who, unbeknownst to them, were the jump-off point for a cultural phenomenon, musical juggernaut and revolutionary period in music industry history.  It’s a fascinating read which provides such insights as Ice Cube being ‘the most image-conscious member of the group,’ and one-hit-wonder (and dude you’re least likely to have heard of unless you geek over late 80’s/early 90’s West Coast rap like I do) Candyman being almost universally despised by the other dudes in the photo (“Candyman always kinda thought his shit didn’t stink”).

Random circumstances throwing random dudes together, a little musical Darwinism separating the wheat from the chaff, social setting that was fertile for subject matter, and a musical nucleus of  Dr. Dre working his sound out while Ice Cube (in ultimate ‘baddest motherfucker in the world’ mode) wrote raps for everybody.



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