What World Cup? The Special One is not for South Africa

Jose Mourinho is, basically, the personification of ‘polarizing.’  Personally, I f*&kin’ love what he’s doing.  How can you not laugh out loud at his demeanour in this clip?

The thing about believing your own hype is, most people in that category only kinda believe they’re infallible.  And those people are easy to hate, because although their words and manner of being throw confidence and ego in your face, you can always sense the insecurity that it’s all founded on.  And that makes them shit.

Occasionally you meet people who aren’t putting on an act.  They have complete, unshakable, resolute faith that they are everything they say they are and want to be.  Could be a toilet cleaner, a fluff girl – anyone.  That doesn’t mean you’d want to have a beer with them.  Probably the opposite, in fact.  But they’re authentic and entertaining.

So when Mourinho refers to himself as The Special One, and you know he believes it, it’s just amusing.  I can’t wait to see what he comes out with if his Inter Milan side beat Bayern Munich in The Champions League Final tomorrow.


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