TWNR stands for, ‘The World Needs Rappers.’  It’s a blog that belongs to Digga, who is, strangely enough, a rapper.

Digga was born and raised in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  Both of his parents grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, although his mother is part of a large, sprawling Irish family.  He has one sister, and is incapable of empathy with those who have lost a pet because he’s never had one.  Which, on more than one occasion, has led him to ask grieving pet owners why they didn’t, “Just get another one.”

Digga was not a bad basketball player as a kid, he graduated with Honours in Philosophy from La Trobe University where he also learned to speak Spanish and perfected procrastination.

He’s been rapping since he was 13 years old.  It must be said, pretty badly for the first few years.

Digga has written, co-written, and performed on various APRA and ARIA award-nominated records, one of which was an ARIA Gold Certified Top 10 hit.  However, his proudest musical accomplishment is being informed that some performing Lady Boys in Bangkok regularly use one of his songs as a soundtrack to their strip show.  A distant second in favourite musical moments is when, at an in-store appearance at a shopping mall in Melbourne’s north, a young female fan told him he was, “Much better looking on TV.”

TWNR is a rambling, at times incoherent collection of ideas and inspiration from random and disparate sources.  It’s also a place where you can listen to and download Digga’s music.


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